''EURA'' DK-9610D CODE LOCK, EAN:5905548271514

Code: A11A700 Model: DK-9610D EAN: 5905548271514 Warranty: DOOR TO DOOR 24 MONTHS
''EURA'' DK-9610D CODE LOCK, EAN:5905548271514
''EURA'' DK-9610D CODE LOCK, EAN:5905548271514 ico 0
''EURA'' DK-9610D CODE LOCK, EAN:5905548271514 ico 1



"EURA" DK-9610D CODE LOCK, EAN:5905548271514

Code lock – characteristics of the device:

DK-9610D code lock is a device intended for use in security systems.It may operate as an independent device and as a part of a more extended security systemThe device has 2 control outputs, programmed and operated by the numeric keypad, with the use of one or more digital codes. The outputs may serve the purpose of:

  • remote opening and closing the entrance doors (output 1),
  • alarm control – setting and switching off the alarm (output 1 or 2)
  • reporting the events to the alarm control panel or the phone dialler (output 2).

DK-9610D code lock may operate in one of the 2 programming modes:

a) one-user code for each output, a) multi-user codes for each output. Both lock outputs may be programmed in the following activation codes:

a) momentary (monostable) mode – with such a configuration, when the user code is entered, the relay at Output 1 is activated for a pre-set period of time, which may be programmed from 1 to 999 seconds.

b) "START/STOP (bistable) mode - with such a configuration, the relay at Output 1 is activated until the moment when the user code is re-entered.

The digital lock is waterproof, it may be installed both inside and outside the building. It is powered with 12 V DC or AC. In case of DC power supply, there are no limitations regarding the polarisation (free connection of the power supply poles "+" and "-"). All the data saved in the memory of the device remain safe even during long-lasting power supply failures. The keypad panel is lighted (the illumination is activated upon pressing and holding the first key for the time of 10 seconds), which allows the lock to be operated effectively at night. The code lock is also equipped with a ring start push button. Owing to this, there is no necessity of using an additional outdoor push button before entering the property or the apartment.


Voltage 10-14V AC or 12-16V DC
Power use (stand-by) 15 mA
Power use (operation/work) 150 mA
Max. load relay 30V DC/5A (Gate 1) & 30V DC/1A(Gate 2)
Mounting surface
Lock activation time 0...99 sek. (setting on keyboard)
Capacity 111110000 users
Number of outputs 2
Mode 1-user, multi-user
Parameters See the user manual in the section'' FILES''
Protection factor (housing) IP44
Dimensions - height 129 mm
Dimensions - width 84 mm
Dimensions - depth 37 mm
Weight netto 0,22 kg