Code: A51A120 Model: VT-694-584 EAN: 5905548271460 Warranty: 24 MONTHS
VIDEO DOORPHONE ''EURA'' VT-694-584 ico 0
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VT-694-584 EURAvision comprises:

- Internal module VT-694 (monitor), which is designed to be mounted inside the room,
- The outdoor unit VT-584 contains a color camera, which is designed for installation at the entrance to the property (door, gate),

Power system is a network ~ 230V/50Hz via DC adapter (accessories included).

The kit can be expanded in a wide range - both with additional monitors or headphones, as well as on additional external cameras (which may be the same external modules VT-584, as well as regular webcams for video surveillance - CCTV, up to three additional modules / camera).

In the case of expansion with additional external modules or CCTV cameras are required to purchase additional video splitter module VT-MDS. For example, in the case of expansion of an additional set of outdoor unit VT-584, we get the system operating independently wideodomofonowy two separate zones for one display input (sequential view of both zones and the control of 2 separate electromagnetic locks). I

thickens monitor expandable by up to four indoor units (monitors or headphones).

The indoor module VT-694 (monitor) is equipped with a high quality color LCD display 4 inches. In addition to standard headphones used to have a conversation with an external module or optional internal module, the monitor is equipped with a so-called. the speakerphone function, so there is no need for lifting and placing the handset.

Adoption of the conversation follows after using the "TALK" on the monitor. You can select one of 15 available pre-tune gongu.Moduł external VT-584 is equipped with a high-quality CCD color camera, the angle of view can be moved vertically and horizontally using a special control element inside the module.

Observation of the night assisted by a set of six LEDs operating in the infrared. Special protective roof protects the module from the effects of the external electromagnetic atmosferycznych.Rygiel (an accessory) can be powered directly from the monitor if its nominal operating voltage is 12V DC and power consumption does not exceed 500mA. In the case of the electromagnetic lock with other parameters - to power the lock, use an additional power supply.

This solution allows you to interact with a set of VT-691DM-584 virtually all available types of electromagnetic bolts.


Parameters See the user manual in the section'' FILES''